Greek Validation Workshop

3rd June 2010 - Athens, Greece


A matrix with a list of features of EU existing certification/equivalent qualification schemes of scall-scale RE systems as well as a glossary of common terms to be used were elaborated by the QualiCert consortium.


Key national stakeholders are cooperating in the validation of these documents during a series of events called validation workshops. This consultation process will bring to the definition of common key success criteria for such schemes that will be integrated into a Manual of common success criteria, intended as a document to give recommendations to Member States on how to use a European "common denominator" to build national certification/equivalent qualification schemes that can be mutually recognisable.


The Greek validation workshop was the third of a series of similar events also run in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy and Poland.



The agenda (in English and in Greek) and a report on the event...


... and the presentations made:





The participation in this event was upon invitation only