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QualiCert Final Conference: improving the energy performance of buildings - qualifying installers of small RES systems - 8th December 2011, Brussels (Belgium)


Greek Implementation Workshop - 2nd December 2011, Athens (Greece)


French Implementation Workshop - 1st December 2011, Paris (France)


Polish Implementation Workshop - 22nd November 2011, Poznan (Poland)


Italian Implementation Workshop - 11th November 2011, Rome (Italy)


Austrian Roundtable - 26th May 2011, Vienna (Austria)


French Roundtable - 12th May 2011, Paris (France)


Greek Rountable - 4th May 2011, Athens (Greece)


Polish Roundtable - 28th April 2011, Warsaw (Poland)


QualiCert at Güssing - a city which builds on sustainable energy  - 5th May 2011, Güssing (Austria)


Italian Rountable - 31st March 2011, Rome (Italy)


European QualiCert seminar during EUSEW2011 - 12th April 2011, Brussels (Belgium)


European Validation Workshop - 30th September 2010, Brussels (Belgium)


French Validation Workshop - 1st July 2010, Paris (France)


Austrian Validation Workshop - 21st June 2010, Vienna (Austria)


EBC Annual Congress - 17th-18th June 2010, Valladolid (Spain)


Greek Validation Workshop - 3rd June 2010, Athens (Greece)


Polish Validation Workshop - 25th May 2010, Warsaw (Poland)


Italian Validation Workshop - 14th May 2010, Rome (Italy)


UEAPME Construction Forum - 19th April 2010, Brussels (Belgium)